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A Little About Me

Over the years I have worked with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), receiving and sending files from an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

By working with the business and programmers, I have developed solutions or refined processes to support an EDI environment.

EDI is far more than the file that is being processed it is a business transaction used to extract data from a computer system or populate data in a computer system.

A common thread that I heard when talking through developments with others within the industry was that developments did not progress as expected as the “business” that they were working with did not fully understand what was required of them.

I want to work with and support those businesses that are starting on their EDI journey or are looking to migrate from a desktop or web portal solution but are not fully aware of what they need to do or the decisions they need to make.

With the knowledge and experience I have I gained over the years I would like to remove the frustration and misunderstanding that coming with delivering an EDI development.

Over the coming days and weeks, I will be posting more blogs to aid your understanding of how I might be able to help.

Ian Tofield

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