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Connecting to other third party systems

Sometimes we only consider connecting systems to support a sales or purchase order process.

Why not connect to other systems such as carriers to support your eCommerce activity?

This is quite a complex area and subject to to the systems that you have in place.

Shipping eCommerce orders

When you process the orders in your distribution centre you will want to generate a shipment label from your allotted carrier(s). You might use one of the following options:

1) Carrier web portal

2) Connect to a Carrier directly at the point of packing

3) Connect to a Carrier Management System at the point of packing

Connecting directly to your carriers?

Have you though about connecting directly to your carrier(s)? If you connect to your carriers at the point of packing then this option is not required.

However there could be instances where you are able to connect directly to the carrier(s).

This would remove the need to rekey and of the problems associated to keying errors. By delivering data throughout the day the carrier will have a complete picture of what will be picked up from your distribution centre.

This could also aid your cross border trading if you are shipping orders into Europe.

Connectivity details

As long as your carrier can provide connectivity details and file formats this type of development is possible.

There are a number of constraints in respect of the technology you have connected within your business, business processes, etc. however this article to designed to re frame how you consider connectivity/data integrations with other third party system.

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