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Knowledge Is Power

Over time I have delivered many Data Connectivity developments. I don't want to use the term EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) as we have moved passed this term as we now have XML and JSON in the mix.

In my time I have delivered delivered Data Connectivity projects that support

1) Wholesaling (B2B)

2) Drop Ship Vendor (B2C)

3) Market Place (B2C)

4) website trading (D2C)

Each method of trading brings its own unique "issue", however I built a solution to support all types of trading. Simple you might think but when you have to consider what systems that work with the data not so simple.

Wholesaling brings a number of issues that need to be considered as you will impact the warehouse and finance teams as there will be information in the order that seems meaningless such as a store number that needs to be printed on a label in the warehouse, cross docking or department codes that are required by the finance team.

Inbound - Generic Order Interface Definition
Download XLSX • 25KB

I have attached an interface file that will support pretty much any order that might be presented from the four opportunities mentioned above. I have left the amendment history in place so you can see how the interface file changed to support the newer methods of working and the impact of Brexit.

This interface document was designed to support a simple CSV upload. However with this information you could simply adapted into an XML or a JSON file format.

As they say knowledge is power and this document encapsulates the knowledge I have gained over the years of connecting various trading partners to suppliers.

I am more than happy to discuss further if you have questions.

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