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Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Over the years I have worked on many developments and worked with a number of people within the business as well as external people working at third party companies and retail customers.

Some work was small and menial and some work large and business changing.

Let me step you through the developments that I am proud of.

  1. Legal & General Insurance (L&GI) 1997 to 2009

  2. Becoming manager of the EDI department

  3. Removing the Sterling Gentran EDI gateway replacing it with the Perwill Ebiz Manager

  4. Delivering a generic solution to the I90/AS400 that supported full Cycle motor and household insurance

  5. Delivering the full cycle motor product to the high street brokers here in the UK

  6. Delivering the full cycle household product to the high street brokers here in the UK

  7. Making Polaris a delivery tool of choice within L&GI

  8. Delivered a healthcare product using the Polaris household data dictionary and the F1 software

  9. Representing L&GI at the Electronic Trading Practice Group (was part of the Association of British Insurers) and the Electronic Trading Insurance Group

  10. C& J Clarks 2010 t0 2016

  11. Improving the delivery and support of EDI through GXS OpenText

  12. Delivering more than 80 connected trading partners to Clarks including distributors, retailers and franchise partners

  13. Delivering the first Drop Ship Vendor process for Clarks

  14. Delivering EDI Invoicing

  15. simplehuman 2017 to 2021

  16. Delivering an EDI solution to Sage 200 which was not EDI compliant

  17. The new solution supported:

  18. Wholesale

  19. Drop Ship Vendor

  20. Marketplace

  21. Selling direct on the internet

  22. Migrating most of the GXS Freeway EDI traffic to Transalis

  23. Setting a simple Prince 2 process to onboard all new EDI trading partners

  24. Delivered Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCC)

  25. Delivered a generic Drop Ship Vendor process to smaller retailers enabling them to extend their range

  26. More than 90% of the orders received were being managed by the new system

It is with this knowledge and experience I am now able to discuss most things EDI. If there is documentation that describes:

  1. The supported transactions

  2. The file formats

  3. The connection type

  4. Any particular business requirements

I can normally work through the requirements and:

  1. Define the solution

  2. Document the solution

  3. Test the solution

  4. Support the solution

Please feel free to contact me if you feel there is something you can relate to and want to discuss. I have developed solutions from the ground up so hope I can aid your business.

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