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What do I bring to the party?

If you are new to Electronic Data Interchange or migrating from a simpler solution to a more integrated solution you might not have enough knowledge to hand to support the overall delivery.

When considering an integration what does this mean in respect of all of the systems that you might be using.


As I have discussed previously how you want to trade/sell needs to be considered when developing a solution.

Each system that is being used will hold data that is required to support a business process. How do you collate the data to support the business process?

Some many systems

Over the years I have developed solutions that support trading on a Wholesale basis, Drop Ship Vendor (DSV) , website market places and selling direct from a website.

I have worked with many system providers both internal and external to the business translating the requirements to support the overall development.

With this experience I will be able to work with you to deliver your integration requirements.

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