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Why no detail?

As you read through my blogs you will notice that I do not refer to:

1) Connections

2) File formats

3) Systems - internal and external to the business


From a system perspective the areas I am discussing in these blogs are agnostic of systems. I am looking at and discussing business processes however adding detail that then needs to be considered.

My intention is to make you, my audience, see that there is far more to consider than just the data found in the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) file.

There are systems and business processes in use both within your business plus the systems you are wanting to connect to.


I am also trying to outline a process that could encompass a wide variety of selling options. Costs increase and margins are squeezed. By delivering a fully thought through system you can save time and then money reducing the pressure on your margins.

Costs can soon creep into a business as processes and systems become more complex and strict change management needs to be followed. This all adds time and cost to any proposed development.

Also there are third party systems also generating value to their business and so will charge you to process data, process sales etc.

I understand expediency to deliver a solution quickly but in the medium to long term does this the add to additional costs as the short term fix needs to then be backed out?

Lets talk

If my articles get you thinking then they are doing their job. A wider discussion will be needed to understand your requirements and or issues, so lets talk.

Ian Tofield

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