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My Services and References

Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

Data integration, EDI, automation, connectivity.

Do you have a goal you’re trying to achieve but don’t know where to begin? Let me guide you. Take a look at the list of my services below, and contact me if you have any questions or special requests.

Customer Service Rep
Computer Store
Startup Development Team

Data Integration Strategy

Data Integration Project Management

Data Integration Test Management

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The Value of South West Data Integration

Let’s Succeed Together

Ian has a wealth of knowledge in the EDI and integrations world. As our integrations specialist, he juggled multiple projects and communicated clearly with all teams to deliver solutions that improved our e-trading capacity. His strengths go beyond creating solutions - his meticulous planning, detailed project documentation and general approach-ability meant that solutions were implemented successfully and that user adoption levels were very high. Ian is pragmatic and patient, and will always do what is necessary to get the job done. It was a pleasure working with him. 
James Dowdeswell
Director of Finance and Operations 

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